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At Rejuvenation & Well Being, LLC (R&WB), we support the services offered by Western allopathic medicine.


However, as with any evolving system, we also see many conditions that are not being effectively prevented, nor treated.  Rather than put all responsibility for our health care in the hands of Western medical practitioners and then get irate with any and all perceived shortcomings, many people have taken a more practical approach to this situation.


They have begun to take personal responsibility to find ways to both improve their health and maintain their well-being; with the goal of being comfortable, healthy, and happy.


  • At Rejuvenation & Well-Being, LLC we believe that true health comes from within and that the body's natural processes can be trusted

  • We believe that we can learn to cooperate with nature's intention for us to experience optimal function at every level of our being

  • We believe that it is never too soon nor too late to receive something of benefit


The focus of services that R&WB provides is to locate and support the body's own healing processes with the use of whole food supplements, herbs, and hands-on light touch therapy.


We are often designated as "alternative health-care providers", but we do not view ourselves this way.  At R&WB we have found ourselves to be a beneficial and necessary part of the whole health care system, not an adjunct or separate entity.

Every one of my symptoms has been cleared up except for the muscle cramping which has become very infrequent and much less severe when active.  MD’s tried giving me drugs for my ailments and when that didn’t work they gave up.  Through this process 98%of my ailments have been cured and my life has greatly improved.  I have brought my mother, girlfriend, and other family members and friends all with the same success.


                  - D.B., Oakland        

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AcuPoint Integrative Testing

Hippocrates once said: "The natural force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well".


Maintaining a sound body and mind is one of Rejuvenation & Well Being, LLC’s main concerns.  Today we face many environmental challenges that affect our bodies beginning with the food we eat, the air we breathe and the water we drink.  Toxins abound at a level never before seen by humans.  As a result, our bodies are demanding support to naturally cleanse these substances and eliminate them from our bodies.



What is Acupoint Integrative Testing?


AcuPoint Integrative Testing is a highly precise and comprehensive system for determining an individual’s nutritional needs and developing a nutritional supplement program to meet these needs.  The testing utilizes kinesiological (muscle) testing of EAV (Electro-acupuncture According to Voll) points to detect stressed body systems (endocrine, lymphatic, immune, vascular, musculo-skeletal, digestive, hepatic, sympathetic / parasympathetic, central nervous system, cardiovascular, respiratory, renal, and other physiological systems).  If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, AcuPoint Integrative Testing and supplement protocol may provide a great source of support and relief to your body:


• Allergies

• Arthritis

• Asthma

• Chronic fatigue

• Diabetes

• Difficulty sleeping

• Fatigue

• Fibromyalgia

• Food cravings

• Low libido

• Muscle pains

• Poor digestion

• Reduced mental clarity

• Weight gain


Through this process we are also able to locate and identify underlying energetic stressors that include a broad range of the most common bacterium, viruses, parasites, spirochetes, vaccines, pesticides, insecticides, enteric pathogens, chemicals, interleukins and complements. This system of analysis provides us with the means to locate, identify and support the recovery of stressors in your body.



How do supplements help repair the body?


When the body is provided with a tailored protocol of quality whole food ingredients that support its organ and physiological processes it has incredible powers to repair and strengthen itself.  Not all supplement brands support the body – many can actually work against it.  Our program relies primarily on nutritional supplements made by Standard Process and MediHerb.

Started in 1929 by Dr. Royal Lee, Standard Process is dedicated to capturing the intrinsic properties of whole foods in supplement form, ensuring your body receives the complete nutritional properties it needs.


Can I continue taking current prescription medications or supplements?


We encourage active communication with appropriate healthcare practitioners in regard to your overall health and well-being; we do not advise abandoning your current prescriptions.



When will I begin seeing results?


Results vary but typically, clients report improvements in their health within the first two months. However, many clients often report seeing changes within the first couple weeks of following their protocol.



Nutritional Testing and Supplements Support and Improves:


• High Blood Pressure

• High Cholesterol

• Low Libido

• Lyme Disease

• Mood Disorders

• Reduced Mental Clarity

• Sleep Disorders

• Weight Gain



Why nutritional testing?


Due to digesting, breathing, or otherwise in-taking chemicals, toxins, and other damaging substances, our vital body systems demand support. AcuPoint Integrative Testing and whole food supplements can offer your body personalized natural support to help your body repair itself and maintain optimal health


AcuPoint Integrative Testing helps to optimize your body’s performance and immunity.  It also supports the resolution of an issue that you are treating with the traditional Western approach to health.  If you just want prevention and don’t want to waste your time and money taking supplements that you are not sure are doing anything, then AcuPoint Integrative Testing may be just what you need to gain that clarity.



I have had so many changes.  My energy level is much improved, no more yawns at all.  I no longer feel heavy; my knee has improved dramatically with only a slight stiffness upon waking.  But I can now run up the stairs.  My husband has commented on how soft my skin is, no more rough elbows.  No more waking in the night due to my arms falling asleep.  Bowel movements are again normal.  Overall this has improved my attitude and health and I am grateful.


                  - A.G., Occidental        

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We provide testing and an education about what will work best for you to both enhance your health and overall state of well-being and to fit into your personal genetic makeup and best lifestyle.

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