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Heart Rate Monitor

What is heart rate variability?


What Heart Rate Variability (HRV) provides is an ideal way to optimize nutrition, energy, vitality and general physical and emotional well-being within oneself.  


Through continuous monitoring of the beat-to-beat variations in your heart rate, we have the ability to assess the impact of any intervention or activity and to detect the early signs of pathological developments or functional disorders.  With its high degree of sophistication and reliability, the HRV becomes an objective probing tool for early detection and early intervention.




Why use HRV?


It is the first and only non-invasive, fully automated computer based system that allows one to provide assessments of human physiological condition and fitness levels based on HRV analysis.  The HRV is the best indicator of the functional integrity of all physiological processes (i.e. neural, autonomic, hormonal, etc.) in a human body.We will use the HRV machine to measure, monitor, and improve adaptability and function creating the ultimate tool for assessing any factor affecting our health (i.e. sleep, work, exercise, sports training, alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, sex, etc.)




“Employees of Mainstream Access were able to alter their cognitive styles so as to significantly reduce their tension levels in the face of stress during the year following training. Tension, in turn, was found to be significantly related to levels of burnout, anger, happiness, and job satisfaction.”

-- Bob Barrios-Choplin, PhD


“Heart Rate Variability assessments are used to monitor fatigue, recovery, performance trends, and training requirements.  A weekly assessment is conducted, with the corresponding analysis looking at the variation between consecutive beats as a means of monitoring sympathetic and para-sympathetic tone. Traditionally, resting heart rate has been used to give a guide to recovery.  However, with so many external factors easily affecting RHR, I prefer to use HRV to monitor my athletes and their progress through training.  This allows me to respond to overtraining and reaching patterns before they become problematic and address them in a proactive way.”

-- Don Lawson, Exercise Physiologist


“By using your heart as your compass, you can see more clearly which direction to go to stop self-defeating behavior.  If you take just one mental or emotional habit that really bothers or drains you and apply heart intelligence to it, you’ll see a noticeable difference in your life.”

-- Howard Martin, Heart Math Solution


“I have used HRV with my clients for several years now. It is an intuitive, rewarding, and simple to use device for my clients who want to measure and manage their stress levels”.

-- Dr. Tom Daniels, San Francisco

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