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Dawn Dolan

Dawn Dolan is a determined advocate for integration; that is, medicine that combines allopathic and complimentary therapies.  Dawn's healthcare approach focuses on offering hope and improving the quality of life, especially for those who have yet to achieve their optimal well-being.


She understands and believes that there is nothing more important than being proactive about your health and investing in your well-being.  When the body is provided with a tailored protocol of quality, whole food ingredients that support its organs and physiological processes, it has incredible powers to repair and strengthen itself.

Dawn's humor, kindness, and incredible knowledge of biochemistry put me at ease.


                  - C.W., Denver        

Dawn welcomes challenging cases and favors a personalized, scientific evidence-based, and complimentary approach.  She works cooperatively with medical doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, psychotherapists, body workers, massage therapists, and other healthcare professionals to create a positive and healthy outcome for each individual.  Her approach combines various modalities in such a way as to enhance or emphasize their individual qualities.

M.R. complained of Constipation, Depression, and Muscle Aches.  Applying AcuPoint Nutritional Testing and Jin Shin Jyutsu the results were the following in the client's own words:


I am grateful to Dawn for helping me find a way to live a calm life.  the combination of supplements, supportive listening and caring has alleviated my anxiety.  The bloating and gas has diminished.  I am no longer depressed and look forward to each day.  I appreciated all the kindness shown to me.


                  - M.R., Santa Rosa        

Rejuvenation & Well Being, LLC

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We are dedicated to promoting natural health and overall well-being.


We believe that true health comes from within; that the body's natural processes can be trusted; that we can learn to cooperate with nature's intention for us to experience optimal function at every level of our being; and that it is never "too soon nor too late" to receive something of benefit.


The focus of the services we provide is to locate and support the body's own healing processes with the use of whole food supplements, herbs, and hands-on light touch therapy.  We are often designated as "Alternative Health-Care".  We do not view ourselves in this way.  We have found ourselves to be an efficacious and necessary part of the whole of health care, not an adjunct or separate entity.

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AcuPoint Integrative Testing

AcuPoint Integrative Testing is a highly precise and comprehensive system for determining an individual's nutritional needs and developing a nutritional supplement program to meet those needs.  Dawn has trained for the past two decades with Dr. Freddie Ulan using Nutritional Response Testing, with microbiologist and clinical nutritionist Dan Newell M.S., using AcuPoint Integrative Testing, and with Dr. Frank Springob using Morphogenic Field Technique.

Dawn used the AcuPoint Integrative Testing to discover a very nasty parasite that had been in my system for a long time.  After only two weeks of treatment I am feeling better than I have ever felt and I can confidently say that Dawn and this system has set my body up for optimal wellness.


                  - C.W., Denver        

The combined benefits are profound.  The nutritional testing uses specific points on the body to check specific homeopathic antigens, hormones, vitamins and minerals, as well as other physiological markers to monitor the integrity of the body systems, creating a remarkably successful methodology for pinpointing appropriate whole food supplements and herbal remedies.  The results speak for themselves.


AcuPoint Integrative Testing has helped many people just like you!

Cole has been diagnosed with a variant of Autism.  After AcuPoint Integrative Testing he has better focus and concentration.  He is sleeping well at night.  Cole responds better when we call him.  Cole is six-and-a-half years old and started supplements six months ago.  His energy level is more balanced than before.  He was extremely energetic and that has lessened 10-15% and is more normal.


                  - C.M., Cotati        

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Our Mission

Rejuvenation and Well Being (R&WB) focuses on improving the quality of life for all those whom we can reach by the use of effective, safe and affordable testing, education and appropriate supplements.  R&WB works closely with other health professionals to create a positive healthy outcome for each individual and to disseminate health information that is beneficial to a wider public.

"You cannot poison your body into health with drugs, chemo, or radiation.  'Health' can only be achieved with healthful living."

        - T.C. Fry

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